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CPS MT69 Pro-Set Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger

CPS MT69 Pro-Set Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger

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Pro-Set® Open Shell Stainless Steel Coiled Heat Exchanger

What it is:
The MT69SS is a submersible stainless steel coiled tube heat exchanger. This stainless steel heat exchanger can be used as either a condenser or a sub-cooler to greatly reduce temperature and pressure from recovered refrigerant or condensable gases in a permanently installed recovery system. The CPS MT69 Pro-Set Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger features a steel tube construction that is ideal for work environments where harmful contaminants are a common concern.

How it works:
Pressure in the recovery cylinder rises concurrently with increases in ambient temperature. This significantly reduces the recovery speed, and often leads to a high pressure shutdown as the recovery equipment and tank reach their pressure limits. The CPS MT69 Pro-Set Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger dramatically improves recovery speed and high ambient temperature performance of all commercially available, major brand recovery machines while also extending machinery life.

A significant advantage of the CPS MT69 Pro-Set Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger is its ease of use. This heat exchanger is one of the most user-friendly machines out there that also happens to save a lot of time and money - who wouldn’t want that? This stainless steel heat exchanger is a market leader and the missing link in commercial high-ambient performance machines consumers didn’t know they were missing.

Contact a specialist at Stainless Steel Express to learn more about the CPS MT69 Pro-Set Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger.


Product Specs


Diameter: 4”

Height: 12”


5 lbs.

Heat Sink Temperature

100° F

Maximum Operating Pressure

800 PSIG

Burst Pressure

4000 PSIG


¼” SAE 45D flare fittings; 304SS

Heat Exchanger Needed

Equivalent of 18' of 1/4 OD 304SS tubing

Unit Housing

Clear, anodized T6061 aluminum-vented shell with painted die-cast aluminum end plates. 


Condenser / Subcooler Setup:

We’re not trying to tell you what to do, but…...

Here are the important steps you should follow to keep everything running smoothly.

1. Connect the DISCHARGE of the compressor or recovery machine to the MT69SS IN fitting.

2. Connect the OUT fitting of the MT69SS to storage tank.

3. Once the connections prove to be leak-free, immerse the MT69SS in a container of cold water (ice water for maximum performance). The water container can be a fixed amount. But, keep in mind, the water temperature will rise as the recovery process progresses.

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